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TAG Heuer Watch Limited Edition Grand Carrera Almost Here

Only 150 pieces of the beautiful limited edition Grand Carrera TAG Heuer watch will be produced for the 2008 Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix night race. According to TAG Heuer the Grand Carrera Calibre 8 RS Grande-Date GMT (Singapore Limited Edition) will make it’s debut with “Snakes and Devils“, a book by Eli Solomon, motorist enthusiast. The book “Snakes and Devils” pays homage to the history of the Singapore Grand Prix.

The TAG Heuer limited edition Grand Carrera watch will be available in a limited edition of an all-black bezel, dial and indexes to reflect the spirit of the night race. The TAG Heuer watch has a Calibre RS automatic movement, screw and polished beveling, COSC-certification, curved facetted horns, curved sapphire scratch resistant crystal, double antireflective treatment, double sapphire crystal case back, hand applied dial and TAG Heuer logo, oversized screw in crown, sturdy clasp with pushbuttons, and water resistance up to 100 meters.

For an in person look at this TAG Heuer limited edition watch; you can see it at the Racing Legends of Our Time exhibition. The event will be held until September 29th, but hurry, half of the TAG Heuer watches are already sold.

TAG Heuer SLR for Mercedes-Benz

The new TAG Heuer SLR for Mercedes-Benz shows that their rivalry with Breitling (Breitling for Bentley) is still alive and strong. The next version of the TAG Heuer SLR for Mercedes-Benz watches will be released this winter. A limited edition of only 3,500 TAG Heuer timepieces…of course.

Tag Heuer alliance with Mercedes-Benz molded the latest TAG Heuer SLR for Mercedes-Benz design. The features of the car and the watch are too similar to be ignored.

1. Car: Painted and exposed black carbon front spoiler and palladium-grey wheels rim spoiler
Watch: Titanium-carbide black tachymeter

2. Car: red SLR lettering and red-painted brake calipers
Watch: red painted hands

The similarities go on, however, the watch by itself will be stunning to say the least! It will encompass push buttons with an incline, bi-directional turning bezel, and engraved tachymeter scale for calculating speeds.

Read More at the TAG Heuer website

TAG Heuer Night Vision Glasses

I don’t know about you, but driving at night is getting harder and harder. The bright new lights, reflective signs, straight dizzying roads, and squinting eyes…it’s enough to make you not drive after sunset at all. Tag Heuer new night driving glasses, originally for the Peugeot race team’s Le Mans 24 hour racing participants, is now a mainstream product. This innovative product not only reduces accidents but are made out of titanium and over-moulded with anti-slip elastomer. They are flexible so your can feel comfortable around your temples and are designed to be worn under a helmet… just in case you were wondering.

The thing I love about the glasses is that they come in Wide and Panorama and the lenses, pale yellow, offer clear vision with a high light transmission rate (contrasting dark blue and green without changing color). Add in some shatter resistance, UV-A protection, UV-B protection, anti reflective treatment (for glares) and you’ve go a pair of glasses worth buying.

As a recap, not only are they ophthalmic Night Vision glasses but they are made to correct dark-induced myopia, reduce glare, contrast dark blue surroundings without changing colour perception and safety after dark. A great investment for your eyes, for $400 dollars you’ll never have crow’s feet from squinting in the dark.

Inside the TAG Heuer Meridiist

The Tag Heuer Meridiist, yet to be released to the public, was developed by designer Christoph Behling strictly by Tag Heuer guidelines. Designed like a stopwatch, the sleek and innovative phone took years to develop the crucial elements like the second screen and the perfect shape. According to Christoph Behling this challenging project was seen as impossible. The completion of the Meridiist will make history because no one has done a luxury phone to that degree with that level of innovation. The project was grueling as designers combined complicated mechanisms, aesthetics, and digital attributes while turning watch making into a phone. The TAG Heuer Meridiist was put through grueling test to make sure it was indestructible investment for customers. The project launched 5 years ago and was tested for quality and water resistance using components sourced from the best mobile and watch making supplies in the world. The challenge can be seen in the 20 buttons included on the Meridiist which is 10 times more complex than normal chronographs’ 2 buttons.

The first communication instrument by TAG Heuer, the Meridiist, is Swiss engineered and hand assembled from 430 components and constructed from corrosion resistant steel. The design stands out with a front independent time unit, 28 day power reserve, and 7 hours of talk time. The Meridiist stayed true to TAG Heuer strong connections to sports by providing a subtle blend of function, performance, ergonomics, design, and execution. To ensure the best reception, TAG Heuer optimized 5 different prototypes in over 200 engineering hours to showcase the sensitivity of the phone’s antenna. The unique top screen addresses time and incoming call while a side switch has multiple functions including rejecting calls and reversing time…to 1/100th of a second. The camera shutter mechanically slides triggering an automatic preview mode. However, throughout the amazing engineering feats, consumers were kept in mind when designing the phone. An all in one USB plug is used for recharging, connecting to a computer or exchanging data.

This beautiful phone is a display of lines ranging from straight, curved and angled representing fluidity and strength. In contrast, the 60.5 carats of sapphire crystal glass provide the Meridiist with the well known TAG Heuer elegance. This perfect traveling companion will change the way TAG Heuer loyalist communicate forever. The beauty and elegance of this phone can be seen below.

Key Features of the Grand CARRERA Collection

Tag Heuer’s recent collection entitled Grand Carrera is still going strong. The collection is a tribute to the 1964 Carrera design. Here is a look at the three main key features, the rotating system, the finishing, and the case back, that keep this watch popular with consumers around the globe.

On the very front of all the watches in the collection the eye catching Rotation System (RS) is the most innovative feature. The design was based on the GT car engine which can be seen in the watch hands that bear a strong similarity to a dashboard. The RS is embellished with decorations, screws, beveling and shining facets all testament to the companies relentless aim of the avant-garde.

Once you look past the stunning RS, the finishing effects of the watch awe enthusiast from around the globe. One unique feature is the curved faceted index with double finishing located on the outer edges of the watch. This feature ties together the dashboard design theme. Right below the 12 o’clock mark is the unmistakable TAG Heuer logo framed by luminescent markers on each of the faceted polished hands. The bottom center of the watch draws the eye to another hand-applied feature, the beveled date window. This window offers information in a easy to read display. Completing the finishings is the geometrical opalin center and external spiral effect on the dial adding a contemporary look to the watch.

The caseback of the watches in this collection is no exception to the rules. Durability is the key focus here as the double sapphire crystal caseback is held together by six polished screws giving the watch water resistance up to 100 meters. Luxury wasn’t the only idea behind this stunning feature; it was also designed to provide a window to the collections soul by maximizing the visibility of the RS movement and the circular bridges.

Available in three different styles, the Calibre 17 RS Chronograph, the Calibre 8 Grand-Date GMT and the Calibre 6 RS, this collection will go down in history for its innovation, luxurious and sporty look, and durability that TAG Heuer is known for.