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TAG Heuer Grand Carrera Singapore Grand Prix Limited Edition Finally Here

As I stated in a previous post, TAG Heuer Watch Limited Edition Grand Carrera Almost Here, the limited edition watch was on its way. Well, wait no longer because it is finally here.
TAG Heuer announced that to celebrate the first nigh race in the world it has officially launched 150 pieces of this limited

TAG Heuer Monaco V4 Concept Watch

I enjoy researching TAG Heuer concept watches because you never know what the company is working on behind closed doors. Right now I’m obsessed with the TAG Heuer Monaco V4 concept watch… well technically it’s in pre-series production and it did make a prototype appearance at Baselworld 2004 and 2007, but until it for sells to the public, in the watch world it’s still considered at concept watch.

So what is so bad about this bad boy? The TAG Heuer Monaco V4 is reinventing the mechanical movement of watches by replacing all the pinions and gear systems with belts, as well as replacing the rubies with ball races. The TAG Heuer Monaco V4 is unique because it has a transmission chain to rewind barrels. Jean-Christope Babin, the CEO of TAG Heuer, estimated the price of this watch at 50 to 100 thousand euros, and in 2004 the waiting list was “too long already”.

Recently Jean-Christophe Babin summed up the issue of the new techniques used on this watch.

“If you built an aircraft in the same empirical and iterative way as we have been making watches for the past four centuries, the chances that the plane will crash on the runway on the first test flight are relatively high, and would probably be detrimental to the commercial future of the project. That is why we have decided to review our procedures for the V4 entirely, rather than rush into construction and prototypes. We wanted above all to break down a watch movement into sub-assemblies and to simulate and validate each of them theoretically before thinking of making prototypes. Moreover the prototype that has been working for a year is the only one we have made. After all, why aim for an approximation when the power of modern computing and simulation tools enables a gradual approach to a theoretical design that is close to the ideal?”

For more info check out the Monaco V4 watch and article on TAG Heuer and go back in time and read the 2004 interview with Jean-Christophe Babin.

New TAG Heuer 360 Museum

TAG Heuer just introduced the first avant-garde 360 degree watch making museum which covers 150 years of heritage. So what makes TAG Heuer so different from the competition? Jean Christophe Babin, TAG Heuer President and CEO, recently posted on the TAG Heuer webiste and answer to that question by stating:

TAG Heuer carries within it the visionary genes of its founders Edouard Heuer and his sons Jules-Edouard and Charles-Auguste: entrepreneurship, innovation, an obsession with ultimate precision, and a deep love of prestigious sports. From the oscillating pinion to the Mikrograph, the world’s first mechanical stopwatch accurate to 1/100th of a second, the foundations on which TAG Heuer has built its strength today were in place very early on. Ever since then – and without a doubt this is one of the brand’s great assets – men such as Charles-Edouard, Hubert and Jack Heuer, and more recently the contemporary management teams, have had the wisdom to build the brand’s strength around these central characteristics, to keep the focus of their efforts, on both product development and communication, within the framework established by our founding fathers. Our DNA is unique; it was created in the late 19th century and continues to drive a substantial proportion of our development in the early 21st century: The Calibre 360 launched in 2006 perpetuates the obsession with precision that resulted in the Mikrograph in 1916; while the TAG Heuer Formula 1 embodies the ultimate blend of prestige and performance, sport and glamour as the Olympic Games and greyhound races did in the 1920s.

The TAG Heuer 360 museum is full of innovation, design and technology. The museum has been designed to house a 360 degree conic movie screen, the first in the world. The entire museum is managed by 12 computers which processes an amazing 1 million images per hour. The TAG Heuer 360 Museum is located in TAG Heuer headquarters in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. The location is economically efficient. For example, the museum is and energy saving machine that allows external and natural light to spread throughout the building by entering through the roof by elevator tubes and office windows.

One of the most amazing features is the crystal glass as a circular video screen that is floating overhead and beveled to provide a view to visitors below. The speakers are only audible to those directly below. The timeline is another amazing feature. A 50 meter long band of brushed aluminum with glass ribbon is eye level on all walls. Behind the glass ribbon is 8 video screens and 51 back-lit images with text.

For more details take the virtual tour… it’s almost like you are actually there.

TAG Heuer Watch – Grand CARRERA Calibre 36 RS Caliper

TAG Heuer launched new upgrades to a lot of its watches including Formula 1, SLR and Grand CARRERA GT. As a matter fact, TAG Heuer has had a wonderful year this year with the launch of a sold out TAG Heuer Meridist, and a the fabulous new Concept Chronograph the Grand CARRERA Calibre 36 RS Caliper… the same one the company put in the dashboard of Ken Okuyama-designed and TAG Heuer-inspired eco-responsible GT Concept Car displayed at Baselworld 2008.

Ken Okuyama

The Grand CARRERA Calibre 36 Caliper by TAG HEUER is the world’s automatic chronograph with 1/10th of a second Caliper Rotating Scales. The TAG Heuer watch is constructed with lightweight materials, beautiful craftsmanship, and attention to detail. The TAG Heuer Grand CARRERA Calibre 36 Caliper is visible through a double sapphire crystal scratch resistance surface and is COSC-certified at 36,000 vibrations per hour. Tag Heuer’s Grand CARRERA Calibre 36 Caliper is black titanium, has a Calibre 36 RS movement with power reserve and two “Black Gold” Rotation Systems. The TAG Heuer watch also features a new Titanium carbide-coated and rubber bracelet complete with a folding buckle.

TAG Heuer’s Grand CARRERA Calibre 36 RS Caliper Concept Chronograph was featured on the dashboard of the limited edition Ken Okuyaa-designed K.O 7 sports car. The K.O 7 GT sports car uses advanced light weight materials such as aluminum, titanium, and carbon balancing horsepower and weight. Only 99 vehicles are available.

TAG Heuer SLR for Mercedes-Benz

The new TAG Heuer SLR for Mercedes-Benz shows that their rivalry with Breitling (Breitling for Bentley) is still alive and strong. The next version of the TAG Heuer SLR for Mercedes-Benz watches will be released this winter. A limited edition of only 3,500 TAG Heuer timepieces…of course.

Tag Heuer alliance with Mercedes-Benz molded the latest TAG Heuer SLR for Mercedes-Benz design. The features of the car and the watch are too similar to be ignored.

1. Car: Painted and exposed black carbon front spoiler and palladium-grey wheels rim spoiler
Watch: Titanium-carbide black tachymeter

2. Car: red SLR lettering and red-painted brake calipers
Watch: red painted hands

The similarities go on, however, the watch by itself will be stunning to say the least! It will encompass push buttons with an incline, bi-directional turning bezel, and engraved tachymeter scale for calculating speeds.

Read More at the TAG Heuer website

Tag Heuer Meridiist Mobile Phone Sold Out

Last week I introduced everyone to the inside features of TAG Heuer’s Meridiist Mobile Phone which was yet to be released to the public. However, TAG Heuer’s pilot launch of the Meridiist was not only successful, but it sold out. As a matter of fact, with a day Selfridges London’s entire stock had sold out.

Ian Broad, a sales manager or the UK was just as excited about the wonderful product release. “It was incredible, during peak times there were literally queues of customers waiting to see the TAG Heuer MERIDIIST. The corner where the tower display was situated was so full of people the corridor was completely blocked.” Another quote by Steve Amstutuz, General Manager of TAG Heuer Communication Instruments relayed the enthusiasm by noting, “This gives us a real indication of the success that can be expected from this extraordinary new TAG Heuer product. It is also a great testament to the strength of the TAG Heuer brand. With such a successful jump start, the full MERIDIIST line will be progressively launched in 15 additional markets by year end 2008″

As an interesting side not, Selfridges & Co obviously was not expecting the large response to the TAG Heuer Meridiist. The floor manager, obviously flabbergasted, noted that they were TAG Heuer Meridiist were officially back-ordered, and probably for a long time.

If you want a TAG Heuer Meridiist you’ll have to go to one of TAG Heuer’s exclusive boutiques… you can also pre-reserve a TAG Heuer Meridiist online.

TAG Heuer Night Vision Glasses

I don’t know about you, but driving at night is getting harder and harder. The bright new lights, reflective signs, straight dizzying roads, and squinting eyes…it’s enough to make you not drive after sunset at all. Tag Heuer new night driving glasses, originally for the Peugeot race team’s Le Mans 24 hour racing participants, is now a mainstream product. This innovative product not only reduces accidents but are made out of titanium and over-moulded with anti-slip elastomer. They are flexible so your can feel comfortable around your temples and are designed to be worn under a helmet… just in case you were wondering.

The thing I love about the glasses is that they come in Wide and Panorama and the lenses, pale yellow, offer clear vision with a high light transmission rate (contrasting dark blue and green without changing color). Add in some shatter resistance, UV-A protection, UV-B protection, anti reflective treatment (for glares) and you’ve go a pair of glasses worth buying.

As a recap, not only are they ophthalmic Night Vision glasses but they are made to correct dark-induced myopia, reduce glare, contrast dark blue surroundings without changing colour perception and safety after dark. A great investment for your eyes, for $400 dollars you’ll never have crow’s feet from squinting in the dark.