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TAG Heuer Docking GPS-GSM

TAG Heuer does timing products like no one else in the world.  The TAG Heuer CP 540 Docking stationcombines tech suaveness and precision to offer a great timing device.

The TAG Heuer docking stations has a  GSM / CDMA module that allows the timer to wirelessly transmit timing information.  Additionally, a lithium-ion re chargeable batter helps insure that the timing session will continue regardless of temperatures.

The TAG Heuer CP 540 also features a satellite option that will allow the device to be synchronized to the exact time of day based on GPS and ultimate precision.  Other synchronization features include the ability to synchronize multiple CP 540’s together creating a input and output connection so that time of day is precise on every device. Lastly, the timer can use the CP 540 to synchronize every device connected to it.

This docking GPS-GSM station by TAG Heuer is the best of the best, eliminating the competition.