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Tag Heuer Watches Monaco Calibre 11 Takes an Old Design and Makes it Better

In the 1970’s when the original Monaco was released, it was a big hit, this year’s revision is no exception.  The new and improved Silver Monaco is the latest chronograph released by Tag Heuer featuring Calibre 11 movement and the iconic left-sided crown design.   The history of this design goes back to 1969 when the original 1133B Monaco was released; it was driven by Heuer’s Chronomatic Calibre 11 movement.  It was a little ahead of its time, but thanks to Steve McQueen and renewed interest in the 1990’s release, the Monaco was brought back in 1997 and today is the most iconic design in the Tag Heuer line.

Tag Monaco Calibre 11
Tag Heuer’s Monaco Watch series has been a huge hit since it’s first inception.

In 2009 the first Calibre 11 Monaco was released on the Blue 40th Anniversary, a tribute to the original 1133B.  The case shape was made a little different while the design of the dial and the hands remained minimally changed.  The Calibre 11 movement, used in this release of the Monaco was first developed for the Autavia re-launch in 2003.  Last year the gray edition of the Monaco was released but this year the 39mm case in light blue PVD coating was the initial release.  The PVD coating was eliminated prior to production release and it now is replaced with a stainless steel finish.  The 2011 version has luminescent coated dots done in orange at each hour.

The watch is striking; the silver dial and the dark charcoal sub-dials give the watch a lot of character.  The hour and minute hands have black tips with an inset or luminescence done in the same orange color as the hour dots.  The new case has thicker lugs giving it a more substantial presence.  The sapphire crystal replaces the original plexi, giving the case a thicker profile and a lot of class.  The movement is ETA 2892/2 base with a Dubois Depraz chronograph.  It has a decorated rotor and a bold Tag Heuer logo.  The timepiece is due to be released in the third quarter of 2011.

In 1969 Tag Heuer shook up the watch world with the first square case chronograph when they released the Monaco.  To this day, the lines of this model are astonishingly beautiful.  It has remained an icon in the Tag Heuer watches line to this day.  The original had to have the crown repositioned on the left side due to packaging issues; today it is there because it is a part of the design aesthetic.  This new edition is bound to become as popular as the 1133B Monaco was when it first appeared on the scene, except now we are ready for it.

TAG Heuer Link Automatic Chronograph

The TAG Heuer Link Automatic Chronograph is different than the rest of the TAG Heuer Link collection because it has a automatic chronograph movement and a calibre 16. Its unique design, even to the untrained eye, focuses on balance. Starting with the bracelet in a single line cuts the watch in half through the 12 and 6 o’clock markers. Next, the date window, logo, and 1/2 of the counters are secluded to the right side of the line and the other 1/2 of the counters are secluded to the left side of the line. The sheer symmetry and balance of the TAG Heuer watch certainly adds to its appeal.

The TAG Heuer Link Automatic Chronograph has 200 m of water resistance, scratch resistant double-sided sapphire crystal with anti-reflective clothing, satin finish steel, 42 mm case diameter, bezel with tachometer, luminescent hands and hour markers, screwed in crown, and a revealing case back with view of movement.

TAG Heuer Monaco Calibre 360 LS Concept Watch

We love TAG Heuer concept watches, especially when TAG Heuer designs them because we know that eventually they will hit the scene.  Actually, this article is going back in time to 2006 when a concept watch called the Monaco Calibre 360 LS became a concept idea and hit Baselworld.

The TAG Heuer Calibre 360 LS really bragged on its Calibre 360 LS precision technology and the fact that it was missing a dial!  TAG Heuer’s Concept watch included a hand-finished engine that opened up the door for outsiders to see the 1/100th of a second chronograph counter, 15 minute chronograph counter, the 100 minute power reserve indicator, and the linear second indicator which used hairspring technology. The best part was the fact that without the dial you could see every component working together.

Now, the TAG Heuer Calibre 360 LS boasted “no dial” but if you have hour markers and hands, can really say it’s not a dial?  Whatever you call it, dial or no dial, it was finished with 7 different metal techniques contrasted against a shiny steel case and sapphire crystal windows.

Who doesn’t love shiny? I leave you today with correct punctuation of TAG Heuer from, tag-HOY-yur. is a website that helps us Americans prounounce things the right way…….

TAG Heuer New Aquaracer Lady Diamond Watches

When TAG Heuer first launched the Aquaracer Lady in 2005 not only was it a best seller, but it added an elegance to sports watches that must be admired.  According to a recent press release overseas, TAG Heuer has unveiled new timepieces for women and one is the Aquaracer Lady Diamond Dial and the Aquaracer Diamond Dial & Diamond Bezel.

Both watches feature white mother-of-pearl dials, stylish TAG Heuer logos, and diamonds 10 for the watch and 42 for the bezel. According to TAG Heuer:

“At the helm are the new Aquaracer Lady Diamond Dial and the Aquaracer Lady Diamond Dial & Diamond Bezel. The very feminine and sporty designs feature a white mother-of-pearl dial decorated with a brilliant TAG Heuer logo and 10 sparkling Top Wesselton diamonds (0.098 ct). The unidirectional bezel has a 42 Top Wesselton (0.567 ct).

For added luster the Diamond Dial & Diamond Bezel Steel & Gold sports a chic steel and 18ct gold-plated bracelet, massive 18ct gold bezel base, and 18ct gold plating on the hands, curved numerals, and polished screw-in crown.”

We look forward to learning about the new TAG Heuer watches and will keep you posted on the latest details.

Tag Heuer Watches Article

Tag Heuer History
Before we can understand why Tag Heuer watches are some of the best watches around today we must first understand a little history about Tag Heuer. Tag Heuer, or as some say just Tag, was created in 1860 in Switzerland by Edouard Heuer. Edouard Heuer’s ambition was to develop the measurement of time. In 1916 he did just this by creating the Micrograph stopwatch, accurate to 1/100th of a second. This was a phenomenal achievement at the time and is still recognized as being one of the most significant developments of all time. Edouard Heuer has kept Tag Heuer at the forefront of new technology and has developed many new time-keeping measurements since then. Tag Heuer is one of the most recognized brands across the world, especially in relation to precision and accuracy.

Tag Heuer Style
Tag Heuer has always been known for its advancements in technology right through the years and has therefore always had a large of collection of market leading products in this field. That said, Tag Heuer also has an identifiable style and one that boasts individuality and personality. This identifiable style is extremely important as Tag Heuer watch buyers are likely to want to wear the watch with pride, showing it off to everyone and boasting about some of its key features. After all, it is a Tag Heuer watch and deserves to be treated with respect.

Tag Heuer Sport Connection
Tag Heuer may be one of the best watch brands in relation to accuracy and style, but it has also developed an extremely strong relationship with sport and particular personalities in the sporting world. This is largely due to the fact that it has a tremendous history of time-keeping and sports are easily linked to this. Tag Heuer has had relationships with many sporting idols, the most notable ones being Lewis Hamilton, the UK’s most up and coming star of the moment. This is also linked in to Tag Heuer having been the official timekeeper of Formula 1 in the past. Tag Heuer has also had strong relationships with Maria Sharapova, the Russian tennis superstar and former Wimbledon tennis tournament champion.

Tag Heuer Watches
Tag Heuer watches are some of the best watches in the world today. They boast attributes linked with accuracy and precision, whilst also maintaining a gorgeous look and style consumers can only dream of. Some of the watch collection includes the Formula1, Monaco and Carrera and are generally made up of stainless steel or leather casing.

Tag Heuer Conclusion
Boasting pinpoint accuracy, a gorgeous style and a strong connection to the sporting industry, Tag Heuer watches are some of the nicest watches on the market today. Consumers feel proud when buying them and feel even happier once they are wearing their chosen watch. Once the wrist is on their wrist they are the happiest watch buyer in the world.