Celebrities’ Favorite Tag Heuer Watches

You’re nothing into a celebrity wears you… at least that’s was most Marketing professionals would tell a potential client. TAG Heuer watches have definitely has surpassed this notion! Celebrities around the globe have been known to flaunt their TAG Heuer watches and TAG Heuer accessories… whether in movies or behind a paparazzo’s cameras.

Brad Pitt is seen here wearing a TAG Heuer Carerra Tachymetere Watch

Uma Thurman is seen here wearing a TAG Heuer Link Diamond Watch

Tag Heuer watches also appear in The Departed featuring Matt Damon. He wears a TAG Heuer Link watch as Colin in the movie.

In The Covenant Chase Collins, like Brad Pitt above, wears a Tag Heuer Carrera watch. Actor Sebastian Stan played Chase Collins in the movie.

These aren’t the only celebrities sporting TAG Heuer watches and TAG Heuer accessories. Other ambassadors include Tiger Woods, Maria Sharaprova, Yao Ming, Jeff Gordon, and many more.

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