TAG Heuer Racing Awards

The Tag Heuer Racing Awards are heating up! Tag Heuer’s need for speed is unchallengeable, the brand is constantly speeding into first place with record breaking speeds with calls to fame like the first pocket watches with crown winding mechanism, the first dashboard chronograph for engin-powered vehicles, and the first stopwatch to receive 1/10th of a second accurarcy (keep in mind back then the compettion was only reaching 1/5th of a second).

As a result TAG Heuer Racing Awards were launched to determine the best racing driver in the world. Jean Christophe Babin recently had this to say about the races. “Using our heritage and DNA in motor racing, we thought it was appropriate to try to identify the best driver of the world…our ideas is not to revise each championship or race results but to offer the fans the opportunity to discover new categories, to celebrate amazing performance and to promote drivers. I’m sure there will be some surprises”.

And off the races go…every Monday to be exact, a panel of 8 international motor racing experts analyze race results. So how do the calculations work? Points are only awarded to the best including the 1st five finishers, fastest lap or winner of most legs in a Rally event.

The judges include:

Michèle Mouton (1982 World Rally vice-champion, President of the Jury for the TAG Heuer Racing Awards)
Alain Prost ( Four-times Formula One World Champion)
Fredrik Johnsson (CEO of IMP and Promoter of The Race of Champions)
Lord March ( Founder and Promoter of the Goodwood Festival of Speed and Revival meeting)
David Richards ( Chairman and Chief Executive of Prodrive Group and Chairman of Aston Martin Racing)
Antonio Mandiola (President of Fangio Foundation and director of Fangio Museum)
Jacques Dechenaux (ex TSR journalist and writer)
James Allen (ITV F1 commentator and motor sport correspondent for The Financial Times)

As of August 18, 2008 the top finalist is Kyle Busch from Las Vegas with a racing award index of 134.88. Kyle is the younger brother of NASCAR driver Kurt Busch and at the of 16 competed in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series for Roush Racing as a replacement. As a result he eard 2 top-10 finishes in six starts. Today Kyle is the first NASCAR Nextel Cup driver to win in NASCAR’s Car of Tommorow.

Visit www.tagheuer.com for more info and to follow the race.

Inside the TAG Heuer Meridiist

The Tag Heuer Meridiist, yet to be released to the public, was developed by designer Christoph Behling strictly by Tag Heuer guidelines. Designed like a stopwatch, the sleek and innovative phone took years to develop the crucial elements like the second screen and the perfect shape. According to Christoph Behling this challenging project was seen as impossible. The completion of the Meridiist will make history because no one has done a luxury phone to that degree with that level of innovation. The project was grueling as designers combined complicated mechanisms, aesthetics, and digital attributes while turning watch making into a phone. The TAG Heuer Meridiist was put through grueling test to make sure it was indestructible investment for customers. The project launched 5 years ago and was tested for quality and water resistance using components sourced from the best mobile and watch making supplies in the world. The challenge can be seen in the 20 buttons included on the Meridiist which is 10 times more complex than normal chronographs’ 2 buttons.

The first communication instrument by TAG Heuer, the Meridiist, is Swiss engineered and hand assembled from 430 components and constructed from corrosion resistant steel. The design stands out with a front independent time unit, 28 day power reserve, and 7 hours of talk time. The Meridiist stayed true to TAG Heuer strong connections to sports by providing a subtle blend of function, performance, ergonomics, design, and execution. To ensure the best reception, TAG Heuer optimized 5 different prototypes in over 200 engineering hours to showcase the sensitivity of the phone’s antenna. The unique top screen addresses time and incoming call while a side switch has multiple functions including rejecting calls and reversing time…to 1/100th of a second. The camera shutter mechanically slides triggering an automatic preview mode. However, throughout the amazing engineering feats, consumers were kept in mind when designing the phone. An all in one USB plug is used for recharging, connecting to a computer or exchanging data.

This beautiful phone is a display of lines ranging from straight, curved and angled representing fluidity and strength. In contrast, the 60.5 carats of sapphire crystal glass provide the Meridiist with the well known TAG Heuer elegance. This perfect traveling companion will change the way TAG Heuer loyalist communicate forever. The beauty and elegance of this phone can be seen below.

Key Features of the Grand CARRERA Collection

Tag Heuer’s recent collection entitled Grand Carrera is still going strong. The collection is a tribute to the 1964 Carrera design. Here is a look at the three main key features, the rotating system, the finishing, and the case back, that keep this watch popular with consumers around the globe.

On the very front of all the watches in the collection the eye catching Rotation System (RS) is the most innovative feature. The design was based on the GT car engine which can be seen in the watch hands that bear a strong similarity to a dashboard. The RS is embellished with decorations, screws, beveling and shining facets all testament to the companies relentless aim of the avant-garde.

Once you look past the stunning RS, the finishing effects of the watch awe enthusiast from around the globe. One unique feature is the curved faceted index with double finishing located on the outer edges of the watch. This feature ties together the dashboard design theme. Right below the 12 o’clock mark is the unmistakable TAG Heuer logo framed by luminescent markers on each of the faceted polished hands. The bottom center of the watch draws the eye to another hand-applied feature, the beveled date window. This window offers information in a easy to read display. Completing the finishings is the geometrical opalin center and external spiral effect on the dial adding a contemporary look to the watch.

The caseback of the watches in this collection is no exception to the rules. Durability is the key focus here as the double sapphire crystal caseback is held together by six polished screws giving the watch water resistance up to 100 meters. Luxury wasn’t the only idea behind this stunning feature; it was also designed to provide a window to the collections soul by maximizing the visibility of the RS movement and the circular bridges.

Available in three different styles, the Calibre 17 RS Chronograph, the Calibre 8 Grand-Date GMT and the Calibre 6 RS, this collection will go down in history for its innovation, luxurious and sporty look, and durability that TAG Heuer is known for.

Tag Heuer Watches Article

Tag Heuer History
Before we can understand why Tag Heuer watches are some of the best watches around today we must first understand a little history about Tag Heuer. Tag Heuer, or as some say just Tag, was created in 1860 in Switzerland by Edouard Heuer. Edouard Heuer’s ambition was to develop the measurement of time. In 1916 he did just this by creating the Micrograph stopwatch, accurate to 1/100th of a second. This was a phenomenal achievement at the time and is still recognized as being one of the most significant developments of all time. Edouard Heuer has kept Tag Heuer at the forefront of new technology and has developed many new time-keeping measurements since then. Tag Heuer is one of the most recognized brands across the world, especially in relation to precision and accuracy.

Tag Heuer Style
Tag Heuer has always been known for its advancements in technology right through the years and has therefore always had a large of collection of market leading products in this field. That said, Tag Heuer also has an identifiable style and one that boasts individuality and personality. This identifiable style is extremely important as Tag Heuer watch buyers are likely to want to wear the watch with pride, showing it off to everyone and boasting about some of its key features. After all, it is a Tag Heuer watch and deserves to be treated with respect.

Tag Heuer Sport Connection
Tag Heuer may be one of the best watch brands in relation to accuracy and style, but it has also developed an extremely strong relationship with sport and particular personalities in the sporting world. This is largely due to the fact that it has a tremendous history of time-keeping and sports are easily linked to this. Tag Heuer has had relationships with many sporting idols, the most notable ones being Lewis Hamilton, the UK’s most up and coming star of the moment. This is also linked in to Tag Heuer having been the official timekeeper of Formula 1 in the past. Tag Heuer has also had strong relationships with Maria Sharapova, the Russian tennis superstar and former Wimbledon tennis tournament champion.

Tag Heuer Watches
Tag Heuer watches are some of the best watches in the world today. They boast attributes linked with accuracy and precision, whilst also maintaining a gorgeous look and style consumers can only dream of. Some of the watch collection includes the Formula1, Monaco and Carrera and are generally made up of stainless steel or leather casing.

Tag Heuer Conclusion
Boasting pinpoint accuracy, a gorgeous style and a strong connection to the sporting industry, Tag Heuer watches are some of the nicest watches on the market today. Consumers feel proud when buying them and feel even happier once they are wearing their chosen watch. Once the wrist is on their wrist they are the happiest watch buyer in the world.