Tag Heuer Meridiist Mobile Phone Sold Out

Last week I introduced everyone to the inside features of TAG Heuer’s Meridiist Mobile Phone which was yet to be released to the public. However, TAG Heuer’s pilot launch of the Meridiist was not only successful, but it sold out. As a matter of fact, with a day Selfridges London’s entire stock had sold out.

Ian Broad, a sales manager or the UK was just as excited about the wonderful product release. “It was incredible, during peak times there were literally queues of customers waiting to see the TAG Heuer MERIDIIST. The corner where the tower display was situated was so full of people the corridor was completely blocked.” Another quote by Steve Amstutuz, General Manager of TAG Heuer Communication Instruments relayed the enthusiasm by noting, “This gives us a real indication of the success that can be expected from this extraordinary new TAG Heuer product. It is also a great testament to the strength of the TAG Heuer brand. With such a successful jump start, the full MERIDIIST line will be progressively launched in 15 additional markets by year end 2008″

As an interesting side not, Selfridges & Co obviously was not expecting the large response to the TAG Heuer Meridiist. The floor manager, obviously flabbergasted, noted that they were TAG Heuer Meridiist were officially back-ordered, and probably for a long time.

If you want a TAG Heuer Meridiist you’ll have to go to one of TAG Heuer’s exclusive boutiques… you can also pre-reserve a TAG Heuer Meridiist online.

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