TAG Heuer Monaco Calibre 360 LS Concept Watch

We love TAG Heuer concept watches, especially when TAG Heuer designs them because we know that eventually they will hit the scene.  Actually, this article is going back in time to 2006 when a concept watch called the Monaco Calibre 360 LS became a concept idea and hit Baselworld.

The TAG Heuer Calibre 360 LS really bragged on its Calibre 360 LS precision technology and the fact that it was missing a dial!  TAG Heuer’s Concept watch included a hand-finished engine that opened up the door for outsiders to see the 1/100th of a second chronograph counter, 15 minute chronograph counter, the 100 minute power reserve indicator, and the linear second indicator which used hairspring technology. The best part was the fact that without the dial you could see every component working together.

Now, the TAG Heuer Calibre 360 LS boasted “no dial” but if you have hour markers and hands, can really say it’s not a dial?  Whatever you call it, dial or no dial, it was finished with 7 different metal techniques contrasted against a shiny steel case and sapphire crystal windows.

Who doesn’t love shiny? I leave you today with correct punctuation of TAG Heuer from inogolo.com, tag-HOY-yur. Inoglo.com is a website that helps us Americans prounounce things the right way…….

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