TAG Heuer Night Vision Glasses

I don’t know about you, but driving at night is getting harder and harder. The bright new lights, reflective signs, straight dizzying roads, and squinting eyes…it’s enough to make you not drive after sunset at all. Tag Heuer new night driving glasses, originally for the Peugeot race team’s Le Mans 24 hour racing participants, is now a mainstream product. This innovative product not only reduces accidents but are made out of titanium and over-moulded with anti-slip elastomer. They are flexible so your can feel comfortable around your temples and are designed to be worn under a helmet… just in case you were wondering.

The thing I love about the glasses is that they come in Wide and Panorama and the lenses, pale yellow, offer clear vision with a high light transmission rate (contrasting dark blue and green without changing color). Add in some shatter resistance, UV-A protection, UV-B protection, anti reflective treatment (for glares) and you’ve go a pair of glasses worth buying.

As a recap, not only are they ophthalmic Night Vision glasses but they are made to correct dark-induced myopia, reduce glare, contrast dark blue surroundings without changing colour perception and safety after dark. A great investment for your eyes, for $400 dollars you’ll never have crow’s feet from squinting in the dark.

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