TAG Heuer Racing Awards

The Tag Heuer Racing Awards are heating up! Tag Heuer’s need for speed is unchallengeable, the brand is constantly speeding into first place with record breaking speeds with calls to fame like the first pocket watches with crown winding mechanism, the first dashboard chronograph for engin-powered vehicles, and the first stopwatch to receive 1/10th of a second accurarcy (keep in mind back then the compettion was only reaching 1/5th of a second).

As a result TAG Heuer Racing Awards were launched to determine the best racing driver in the world. Jean Christophe Babin recently had this to say about the races. “Using our heritage and DNA in motor racing, we thought it was appropriate to try to identify the best driver of the world…our ideas is not to revise each championship or race results but to offer the fans the opportunity to discover new categories, to celebrate amazing performance and to promote drivers. I’m sure there will be some surprises”.

And off the races go…every Monday to be exact, a panel of 8 international motor racing experts analyze race results. So how do the calculations work? Points are only awarded to the best including the 1st five finishers, fastest lap or winner of most legs in a Rally event.

The judges include:

Michèle Mouton (1982 World Rally vice-champion, President of the Jury for the TAG Heuer Racing Awards)
Alain Prost ( Four-times Formula One World Champion)
Fredrik Johnsson (CEO of IMP and Promoter of The Race of Champions)
Lord March ( Founder and Promoter of the Goodwood Festival of Speed and Revival meeting)
David Richards ( Chairman and Chief Executive of Prodrive Group and Chairman of Aston Martin Racing)
Antonio Mandiola (President of Fangio Foundation and director of Fangio Museum)
Jacques Dechenaux (ex TSR journalist and writer)
James Allen (ITV F1 commentator and motor sport correspondent for The Financial Times)

As of August 18, 2008 the top finalist is Kyle Busch from Las Vegas with a racing award index of 134.88. Kyle is the younger brother of NASCAR driver Kurt Busch and at the of 16 competed in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series for Roush Racing as a replacement. As a result he eard 2 top-10 finishes in six starts. Today Kyle is the first NASCAR Nextel Cup driver to win in NASCAR’s Car of Tommorow.

Visit www.tagheuer.com for more info and to follow the race.

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