TAG Heuer Releases New Ladies Pink Sports Watch

TAG Heuer recently announced that it would be releasing a massive number of new models this year, and the rumors are flowing. According to Economic Times, TAG Heuer recently unveiled a professional pink sports watch made of ultra light titanium and steel in India.

We are very excited to see the actual TAG Heuer luxury watch… whose image hasn’t been released to the public just yet, but to prepare for its launch let’s take a look back at TAG Heuer pink sports watches of the past:

TAG Heuer Link: Mini Link Quartz

TAG Heuer Aquaracer Quartz

TAG Heuer Formula 1 Glamour Diamonds

Each of these women sports watches are definitely pink and flirty, However the ultimate pink watch would have to be the TAG Heuer Diamond Fiction, only 5 were made:

If these are any indication of the new sports watch, we know exactly what to expect! A ladies sports watch that has the elegance and style of fashionably forward trends and the precision and sportiness of TAG Heuer luxury watches.

One thought on “TAG Heuer Releases New Ladies Pink Sports Watch”

  1. when i turned 18, my mom gave me a pink rubber strap tag heuer formula 1. I am 34 now and the watch still works like a dream and still looks great. However, the old rubber strap had long broke and i replaced it with a stainless accordion type about 8 years ago. Now, i still wear it but I want to replace the strap with the original thing. I have been searching online for a pink rubber strap for formula1 but had no luck. Any suggestions? thanks!

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