Try Out TAG Heuer SLR Laptimer Watch Online

TAG Heuer launches a new website specifically for the TAG Heuer SLR Laptimer which allows you to try the TAG Heuer SLR Laptimer in three modes: Time Mode, Chrono Mode, and Best Lap Moderight from your computer.

Additionally on the site you can check out a number of movies including Introduction, The Movie, and The Race. Each one is pretty interesting to watch.

Lastly, the new website has games for TAG Heuer enthusiast Entitled Stage 1 and Stage 2. Stage 2 comes out on December 5th of this year. In Stage 1 you have to start the Chronograph when the signal says go and the car takes off. You have to stop the chronograph at 100 mph exactly to get a perfect score. You have to pass Stage 1 to be able to go to Stage 2… my best score was 82/100.. can you beat that?
So what are you waiting for… check out the site and have a little fun admiring the TAG Heuer SLR Laptimer.

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